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“You never know until you know” – JD Morris (or unknow idiom)! The future is the future and “you ever know until you try and succeed.”  I have had the honor of learning lot about Uber current and future plans (meetings investors and using our proprietary research system).  The guys are doing things really smart.  However, during last holidays I saw tons of white trucks delivering gifts to my house as well as throughout the year.  Did Amazon lockup the delivery systems or will Uber getting into the business change the playing field?

Well you never know until you know!  All those white trucks are not owned by Amazon, but outsourced.  Will Uber team with Amazon to allow you to get everything fast.  Will Amazon out source everything and just be a portal?  Again, we will never know until two things:

  1. Understand how they are building the distribution system of the future (I did not know they did not own the white trucks (more to come about investment opportunity).
  2. Understand the future of logistics (their will be lots of failures and winners)
  3. Bottom Line “you never know until somebody tries and success happens” as who new Uber be making Yellow Cab SF file for BK!


Again we doing things differently as it a BETA Blog and here is our disclaimer: We  “Say Provocative statements that intelligent people argue about fast without dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s. As life is all about fun and results!” – JD Morris  (i.e. no spell check just raw data and writing placed in this BETA blog that has no staff).


As always CB Insights dominates the possible options for Cool .JPG

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You never know until you know!  I will be researching this space and might even try to buy few unmanned vehicles for test driving!  However, who would know taxis companies would have allowed Uber to stay in business and who knows when UAV or unmanned land vehicles will change the landscape.


JD Morris

JD Morris


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Do we need to redefine an “Unicorn” as with the case of Jawbone? Success vs. valuations!

Sorry it is a soapbox day!  Do we need to change the name of Unicorns or what do we need to do to focus on success vs. valuations?  Create a Unicorn and you will make millions or billions!  Well you have to have an exit such as an IPO or buyer.  This is why you should always look for an exit.  What will be the history of Jawbone and these companies in 10 years?  It is great to build value, but you need a plan!

CB Unicorn

Jawbone’s previous valuation of $3 billion is long gone, and it’s now back down its 2011 valuation of $1.5 billion.  However, who would buy the company?  Does it have the numbers for an IPO?  My view is Jawbone better acquire hot company or it will be the death of a Unicorn.  Will it be scrubbed from Unicorn “Club” or what is its future?  I think at all times it great to have an advisor or board member looking for an exit!  Dollar Shave Club might not remembered 10 to 20 years in the history of deals.  Will AOL be a case study in college?  However, its investors will always remember!

CB MA of major companies

Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and others have slowed down in M&A.  Dream of a Unicorn, but remember $20 million in your own bank is better than billion in paper money!

Do we need to change the name of Unicorns? What do we need to do to focus on success vs. valuations?

Let us talk strategy for few hours or two days!  I can collect a team of experts in most industries for strategy meeting for growth and exit plans.

Happy Networking,

JD Morris

JD Morris