REBLOG: JD Morris featured in Forbes Article on October 17, 2019.

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Choosing The Right Bank Or Credit Card: 10 Tips From Finance Experts

10. Look For Apps That Can Help

Experian and a few others have apps that will provide recommendations based on your credit score. They have apps that will allow you to compare features including annual fees, intro rates, annual percentage rates, etc. Not all people and not all cards are created equal, so take advantage of Experian or others that have apps to help. – JD Morris, Red Hook Capital

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JD Morris Quoted in Forbes – Seven Clear Signs Your Business Is Ready To Go Public

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2. You Have A Backup Plan For A Delayed Or No IPO

Billion-dollar-revenue companies get their IPOs pulled! IPOs are expensive and risky. Having a plan for a delayed IPO—or possibly no IPO—is a must. If your company will succeed with or without the IPO, you can safely test the IPO market. This means you have lots of investors wanting to invest in your next round. – JD MorrisRed Hook Capital


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REPOST: Our Senior Executive Advisor (SEA) program is looking for mentors


Our Senior Executive Advisor (SEA) program is looking for mentors

Red Hook Capital is not a company, but a vision. We invest via referrals only and our investors come from our friends, families, and Senior Executive Advisors  (S.E.A.).  Red Hook Capital’s friends and family have been investing through special purpose entities (SPEs) for more than 50 years.

Red Hook Capital is a vision or portal for great people to co-investing in great deals worldwide.  When good people meet in a restaurant in Red Hook in New York City or a yacht anchored in Red Hook in St. Thomas USVI, great things happen!

We are looking for accredited investors to join our Senior Advisor Executive Program to be on board of directors of companies that we mentor. Contact Victoria at anytime to request more information about SEA program or join our investment group called “Investor Network Destinations.”

Red Hook Capital a family of Special Purpose Entities (SPEs) with friends and families.

RISE S.E.A. is a trademark for SEA Program.


NETWORKING: Healthcare with EBITDA $4 million plus


For healthcare we have two areas of interest!  Any government contractor in the space and for private sector companies we need $4 million plus in EBITDA.

Examples EBITDA Private Health Care Services Company:

  • Dental services & group practice
  • Laboratories
  • Dermatology & group practice
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Urgent Care


Investment Types • Investments to acquire all or part of a company
• Management-led build-ups and industry consolidations
• Growth capital
Company Characteristics • Strong management team in place
• History of growth and profitability
• Strong underlying fundamentals; low capital intensity
• $4 – $15 million in Operating Income / EBITDA
Investment Size • $10 – $50 million of equity
• Access to partners with mezzanine financing with our equity investment
Geography • Companies based in the U.S. or Canada

Happy Networking,

JD Morris

JD Morris

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PRIZE – We need a better name / Google your buzz words and company name!

I think we can all learn something from HBO’s show pied piper.  Branding and Cash are king!

UPDATE: We have moved Red Hook Capital to and might be in the process of renaming the company to better reflect our focus!

PRIZE:  Visit us on Social Media at the end of my 90 days of networking (or before if we have a clear winner) as we will have a new name and brand!  Again, I think we can all learn a lot from HBO show Silicon Valley.  Call me to share the key/funny lessons!  My focus group will be through my Red Hook Captial Facebook Page with the following URL:


WHY: A few other companies have started to use similar names from a Real Estate Development to Charter School.  We also had issue a with Venture Capital firm and Beer Company!

GOOGLE YOUR BUZZ WORDS:  I was at a conference last year and the speak developed a buzz word that seem a perfect fit for what he was saying in front of a few thousand people!  He even asked somebody to find if the URL was taken! Urban Dictionary was the 1st item on the google search! If your buzz word was defined on Urban Dictionary, you might want to find a new word!


  • Good name for company that invest in companies and sells them (sometime we do IPOs)
  • Happy Wife = Happy Life! The low hanging fruit is real estate referrals (anywhere in US) for my wife! We just setup deal in Hunting Beach and Sacramento)!
  • Big Whale Hunting: Looking for the introduction to company with $50 million plus revenue and/or $5 million EBITDA (just got call yesterday of business owner for $100+ million company).

Happy Networking & Investing,

JD Morris

JD Morris

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Webinar on buying NYSE company to Bank assets!

New York Stock Exchange

It seems strange in an information age it is still almost impossible to get access to bank or public companies assets for sale.  Red Hook Capital in partnership with several companies will provide an overview of what you need to have to play ball in the game!

Join us every Tuesday 9pm Pacific (PST) and noon (EST) for educational webinar!

Dates / Registration is as follows:

Tue, Jul 19, 2016 9:00 AM – 9:30 AM PDT

URL to register:

Tue, Jul 26, 2016 9:00 AM – 9:30 AM PDT

Registration URL:

More times and registration coming soon!

Happy Networking and Investing,

JD Morris

JD Morris

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