CONCEPT > Does extremely provocative work? Borat vs. Paul Logan


“All that matters is results, but you have to have the style that works for you” – J20.02.01

CONCEPT: At what point does being provocative work for good promotion and at what point do the haters help more than hurt?  My motto is “Say Provocative statements that intelligent people argue about fast without dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s. As life is all about fun and results!”

Paul Logan (almost everything = million likes or views), Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat), and many others show that provocative works even in the extream.


FULL SONG: The Fall Of Jake Paul (Official Video) FEAT. Why Don’t We= 246,879,596 views made Jul 9, 2017, with 590,403 Comments & 3.5 million likes based on  Logan Paul’s 20.2M subscribers!  Logan Paul has views, but how does he make his money? Does he have bots?  Who is his fan base?  Can he move to higher-paying activities?  My kids have one view (14 & 16-year-old), but what is the true story behind Logan Paul?

BOTTOMLINE: Sacha Baron Cohen (aka Borat) is HNWI with more than $100 million due to his media success, while Logan Paul is pegged at little over $10 million at the age of 24 year old.  YouTube is great, but stick to the movies and TV should you want to make the big bucks!

Developing Concepts on extream provocative activities and  “Benevolent Dictators” thanks to Sacha Baron Cohen’s movie!

GIF Sacha Baron Cohen The Dictator

IN on Deck – Beta Blog – Just Reminder

Just a reminder that this is a “Investor Network by JD” is a BETA blog!  Our tag line today is “Say Provocative statements that intelligent people argue about” fast without “dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s.”   My goal is lots of informational material!  However, I really want make sure it about sharing ideas, referrals, and making connections (new & old friends, referrals, and much more)!


We ask that you check our facts as they are all from third parties.  I going to pass on the normal long disclaimer, but keep in mind it is about networking, referrals, fun, and making friends.  Dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s is not our goal (i.e. this blog is not for my wife or even lot my friends that are perfectionist or like use big words (i.e. on the i.e. or / it is all about fun, results, and networking)) Did you think “i.e. on i.e.” was kinda funny?  We often abuse the “!” and that just me.


Our goal is fun and we are sorry if we offend you!  It just a beta blog I write and one day I might take from beta and hire staff to write a cool blog! I know few other companies and publication that are almost what I want to read.  We often copy their material for you!


We hope to post is cool .JPG often, but sometime like today it is me trying to be cool or have fun.



Sometime I get on soap box and other times I have great bottom lines.  I going to try to do the Good, Bad, & Ugly plus Bottom line, but try to keep it short.


Again thanks for the amazing referrals and networking.  We hope to have some amazing events or dinner / breakfast at other amazing events.  Look here for one soon!


Hmm “Say Provocative statements that intelligent people argue about”

I am going to miss this show and I think new host is not going to be as good!

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