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Investor Network by JD will launch in 2042 or sooner!  However, this website is now just for JD’s (John “David” Morris (aka “JD” or David)) personal views and for networking with possible co-investors.

IMPORTANT: JD Morris and staff are focusing and only responding to co-investors (accredited investor or sources of capital with verfiable $5 million plus in avaliable capital) and referrals to co-investors.

You can join JD Morris via his personal LinkedIn profile adminstered by his admin and interns or his groups on linkedIn.  They are as follows:

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Again, JD & his staff are only direcly networking with people that can co-invest or provide referrals to such co-investors.  These are accredited investors, family offices with more than $5 million confirmed dry powder, venture capital funds, private equity,  fund of funds, and other sources of verifiable capital.

Please see the SEC for defintion of accredited investor and/or consult you accountants and lawyers to help understand our co-investor stratgy.

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#PSbyJD = Black Friday is the day that makes me happy and also mad as hell (or off with your horn you mule)

Unicorn to Mule

My motto is “Say Provocative statements that intelligent people argue about fast without dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s. As life is all about fun and results!”

Editor Note: This is an example of possible future blog postings (this is an experiment)

Trying an example of Mad as Hell to provoke response or debate!

Wow, Black Friday produced some amazing deals and I was all in getting purple (vs. just Black) YETI cup, Dyson HEPA technology, boss glasses, and Apple iPad Pro!

My provocative statement/quote:  “Dyson is a baller/model for Unicorns in 2020, but Bose, Apple, and few others are more like Mules vs. role models for future Unicorns!” – JD Morris 12-15-19 (19.12.15)



APPLE: Love my watch (better than Dick Tracy’s watch) and love Apple.  However, epic fails on not having a folding phone or trying something out of the box.  You have more than $200 Billion (BILLION) in cash and can not keep pace with others.  I want a Razor or Samsung Fold for Christmas Santa (please).  Dear Apple, You have lost your role as an example for CEOs and dreamers of Unicorns.

BOSE: Love my boss’s glasses and adding my own lenses as I am kinda blind and can not hear well.  However, What is your AR plan?  You are at risk going from “Hero to Zero” in the next few months or year due to AR technology in glasses.

YETI:  I am a loyal YETI fan but please re-design or pull the YETI Hopper as I can not live with lubing the zipper.  FYI: https://www.wired.com/2016/11/review-yeti-hopper-flip-12/

Dyson: You guys are amazing!  So sorry to hear about pulling the electric car, but you guys keep going.   You guys are ballers! Source: https://news.yahoo.com/dyson-scraps-electric-car-155235422.html

America get Mad as your hero companies are failing!

Well, I’m not gonna leave you alone. I want you to get MAD”  – Network / Howard Beale

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