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Welcome to “Investor Network by JD” (IN) and our goal is networking for results!  Our motto is “Say Provocative statements that intelligent people argue about fast without dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s. As life is all about fun and results!” – JD Morris

This is a Beta Blog and we have launched a new website called “InvestorNetwork


Happy Investing & Networking,

JD Morris

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JD Morris

DISCLAIMER: This is a beta blog.  The information is provided by AP, Bloomberg, Forbes, Fortune, preqin, Reuters, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Wall Street Journal (WSJ), and other 3rd party sources. Please check with the company website or venture capital firm for a press release as this is a beta blog that does not update information.

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POLL: Your Ideal Investment Exit Strategy for 2017? 1,000+ votes!

More than 1,00+ votes!  Please add to comments your ideas such as 1031 exchange type deal for private companies or a Warren Buffett M&A strategy that results in no taxes for him.

What would be your ideal investment exists? Vote or add your ideas!

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Happy Networking & Investing,

JD Morris

JD Morris

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Investor Network by JD

UPDATED: 2017-09-01

UPDATE: About JD Morris


JD Morris has been working with family offices and High Net Worth Individuals ( HNWI ) starting in 1990 with his college development office.


J. David Morris (JD) focuses on buyouts starting at $5 million EBITA. He also serves on the board of advisors and board of directors of several private.

He is a General Partner of Red Hook Capital. He also has served in leadership roles in strategy, corporate and business development for Lockheed Martin, MCI Corp., and other companies where he played key roles in the creation and development of several new ventures.

JD’s merchant banking and investment banking activities have resulted in many successful deals. JD advises clients ranging from business strategy, mergers and acquisitions, revenue models and future growth opportunities.

He has been a speaker at various industry forums, has been quoted in numerous leading publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, and has made several appearances on Bloomberg, CNET, CNBC, ESPN, and many media outlets.

He received a B.A. in economics with mathematics from Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia and Omega Rho student with a focus in operations research (#4 world) from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.


“JD Morris is first rate, good ideas all the time and honesty all the way. Work with the Man.” The Honorable Tidle McCoy January 26, 2010 – Chairman & Founder of Washington Capital Partners

“I have worked with JD on several acquisition transactions. I have always found him to be professional and timely. He delivers what he says he will in the right time frame. When he is an advisor, as opposed to principal he seems to have a knack for getting the two parties together. When principal, he gets his deals done.” April 5, 2006 – Andy Tucker, Partner at Andrew & Kurth LLP.

“JD was able to close a difficult international backbone financing for a start-up company for $20.0 million. Dealing with the uncertainties of Brazilian government regulations, tight emerging capital markets, and choosy investors, JD raised this equity capital when no other advisors were able to even look at the deal. He is highly qualified and capable.” February 4, 2010 – William St. Laurent – former CEO of Vitech America (NASDAQ).

“JD has a wide source of contacts for funding. He finds the best source of capital for a particular company’s financing needs and knows how to structure the deal. He is creative, enthusiastic and easy to work with. I am happy to recommend him to my clients and others.” November 5, 2012 – Ernie Stern – partner at Akerman Senterfitt LLP.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working briefly with Mr. Morris on two projects and being in a finance industry group with him. He has a combination of finance and LBO expertise, analytic skill, business connections and enthusiasm that would make him a valuable asset to most corporate or advisory boards.” May 12, 2007 – Steve Rabin, CPA

“Mr. Morris has been a great resource in helping me learn the ins and outs of raising capital. Every opportunity that I raise capital for I look to JD for his guidance. His relationships with investors is enormously valuable. Additionally, he has graciously allowed me to speak on his radio show which gave my venture at the time great exposure. Thanks.” January 28, 2010 – Eric Collins, Media Consultant to Fortune 500 companies

“I have known Mr. Morris for several years and am consistently impressed with his energy and contact base. He is well connected to the VC Community and maintains relationships with the top management of many local and regional companies. He has an excellent track record of raising capital and of advising companies wishing to do so.” July 17, 2005 – Alan Gottlieb, Consultant to Fortune 500 companies

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Amazon an industry killer or M&A for growth? Who really knows Amazon and who is a parrot?

Amazon acquiring Whole Foods is a big deal for them strategy and size.  Will Amazon go on a bigger buying strategy?   If you are strong, should a lot M&A make you stronger? Consolidation plays or kills your competition for Amazon?  Did you know Amazon did not own a lot of its last mile delivery!  Look for somebody that knows Amazon vs. media & Wall Street parrots talking online!

I am going to do some digging and provide some great behind the smoke stories.

Amazon Acquisition

Other Deals!

GA Telesis $225M / Debt Financing HSBC Securities, Fifth Third Bancorp
Azure Power $10M / Debt Financing SBI-World Bank
Digital Global Systems $8.5M / Venture Ancora Advisors
SVCL 200M INR / Debt Financing Capital First
Solace Power $2.5M / Grant Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
PostDesk $2.0M / Seed Alphard Maritime Group
Modacruz $2.0M / Series B Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP)
Bookatreat 10M SEK / Venture
powervault $772K / Equity Crowdfunding
StockViews 500K GBP / Venture GWC Innovator Fund
MyCash Online 1.3M CNY / Equity Crowdfunding Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd (Cradle)

Happy Investing and Networking,

JD Morris

IN on DECK – perfect storm can provide years work in a few days?

This weekends rain = normal year of rain in San Diego!  Can the perfect storm can provide a years of work in few days?  Let of Senior Executive Advisers (SEA) program work with you to position yourself for the perfect storm!


Our moto is “Say Provocative statements that intelligent people argue about fast without dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s. As life is all about fun and results!” – JD Morris

“Look at every day is being a game changer and sometime it will be big!  Like a year of work in one day!” – JD

Happy Networking and Investing,

JD Morris

JD Morris

Host for Investor Network & Accredited Investor Networking


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IN Deck – The Long Blog Post

I have moved to short posting on LinkedIn and when I have time post here.  The beta blog is more of what I call a “Brain Dump” and it is a “BETA” blog.

Here is where the short blog is posted:


QUOTE #1: If you have EBITDA it will be an amazing adventure, and if your are positioned for amazing growth we will help find that amazing adventure! – JD

What is on Deck at Investor Network by JD (Brain Trust with 40+ advisors)

1) Getting a PPM on amazing new credit card technology (family that invented the strip on credit card has a lives amazing life here in San Diego and hope this is another game changer);

2) EBITDA compay that import woods (might be a fit for another consolidation play);

3) EBITDA mobile reseller (hard to sell, but their is debt and some investors for this space);

4) GoToWebinar like company with EBITDA

We have a brain trust of amazing advisers (working on cool buzz word) to help you with deals. I am re-using an old video today and also below is fun .JPG with another JD buzz word!