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I have launched a beta blog about my journey back to the top!  CHIME Journal by JD Morris.

CIME is defined as:

the top or extreme point of something (usually a mountain or hill)

My goal is something great by July (3q2019) or September (4q2019).

This is in conflict with my main belief: “Say Provocative statements that intelligent people argue about fast without dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s. As life is all about fun and results!” or do provocative activities that lead to change and great results!

Here is the URL to the beta blog:

Many changes to come!

Happy Networking and Investing,

JD Morris

JD Morris

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REBLOG: Investor Network to launch IND

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Investor Network Destinations closes seed round

April 15, 2019

Investor Network Destinations (IND), a Beverly Hills-based entertainment and education company providing service to high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) and single family offices (SFO), opened a Special Purpose Entity (SPE) to raise seed capital and closed a seed round via convertible debt with founders of companies for an undisclosed amount.

Red Hook Capital’s friends and family invest in Special Purpose Entity to fund the creation of “Investor Network Destinations” through a Special Purpose Entity (SPE).

Three CEOs/Founder of technology companies lead the round into the SPE.

Ross Cooper, founder and former CEO of Verimatrix Inc., says “He looks forward to the development of IND’s yacht and luxury car program. IND’s Parade of Light party on a Mega Yacht in San Diego was one of the best parties of the year.”

Omar Bakr, founder, and CEO of Tarana Wireless says “JD Morris connects the right people together at the right time. Investor Network has a wide range of contacts from IPO CFOs to successful founders of companies.”

Investor Network Destinations is a spin-off of “Investor Network by JD” that has been providing networking and educational events for more than 20 years. With thousands of subscribers that invested in hundreds of deals provided by Investor Network by JD (IN) and its partners. ” Investor Network Destination will focus on people with more than $500,000 dollar to invest in alternative assets by providing amazing educational events at great destinations,” says JD Morris, founder of Investor Network and ACG.


Contact Details: Victoria at


“Investor Network by JD” on Hold until 2019

We are looking at our different options for 2019 to provide information to investors with “Investor Network by JD.”

We are launching a New Company called “Investor Network Destinations” and you can cut and paste the following URL to learn more:

Look every business day for posting about Funds investing in companies.  Special reports such as new Venture Capital Funds will also be provided.  Here is a re-post from our 1st post:


IN Destinations Banner

I am JD Morris your host for Investor Network Destinations (IND).  We are under beta and plan to launch in 2019. We have two goals.

One is to host special events pre and post great conferences and summits at amazing destinations.

Two is to provide information via our blog to help invest in alternative assets. During our beta our educational focus is on co-investing with venture capital.

Investor Network origins began more than 50 years ago in Washington, DC. with a group of like-minded investors that we would call a multi-family office today.  Investor Network Destinations is our next evolution to bring together friends, accredited investors, and family offices to invest in alternative assets.

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JD Morris
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DISCLAIMER: This is a beta blog.  The information is provided by AP, Bloomberg, Forbes, Fortune, preqin, Reuters, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Wall Street Journal (WSJ), and other 3rd party sources. Please check with the company website or venture capital firm for a press release as this is a beta blog that does not update information.

Events we love: CLO Summit

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POLL: Your Ideal Investment Exit Strategy for 2017? 1,000+ votes!

More than 1,00+ votes!  Please add to comments your ideas such as 1031 exchange type deal for private companies or a Warren Buffett M&A strategy that results in no taxes for him.

What would be your ideal investment exists? Vote or add your ideas!

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JD Morris

JD Morris

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UPDATED: 2017-09-01

Investor Network Nights for the public is back on 1/5/2015 via Blog Talk Radio


Investor Network Nights for the public is back on 1/5/2015 via Blog Talk Radio!

Visit us On Blog Talk Radio Investor Network Nights to learn more at the following URL:

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BitCoin VC like fund and VC deals that closed!

FB Bitcoin 010101

Investor Network Nights and next week Bloomberg Radio 1450 AM San Diego will talk a bit about BitCoin companies and new VC like BitCoin company!

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VENTURE CAPITAL DEALS THAT CLOSED (20 more deals to come!!!!)

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers log

  • BeyondCore, a San Mateo, Calif.-based provider of automated data analytics, has raised $9 million in Series A funding led by Menlo Ventures.
  •  MyTomorrows, a Dutch startup focused on increasing accessibility to development-stage treatments for patients with unmet medical needs, has raised $2.2 million in new VC funding from “friends and family.”
  •  Postmates, a San Francisco-based on-demand delivery service, has raised $16 million in Series B funding. Spark Capital led the round, and was joined by return backers like Crosslink Capital and Matrix Partners.
  • Transcriptic, a Menlo Park, Calif.-based scientific lab virtualization platform, has raised $2.8 million in new VC funding. IA Ventures led the round, and was joined by seed backers like Google Ventures, Data Collective, and AME Cloud Ventures.
  • Socialbakers, a Prague-based provider of social media analytics for marketers, has raised $26 million in Series C funding. Index Ventures led the round, and was joined by return backer Earlybird Venture Capital.
  • ViSenze, a Singapore-based provider of image recognition solutions, has raised $3.5 million in Series A funding. Rakuten Ventures led the round, and was joined by Walden International and UOB Venture Management.
  • ZenPayroll Inc., a San Francisco-based provider of cloud-based payroll solutions, has raised $20 million in Series A funding from General Catalyst Partners and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. The company previously raised $6.1 million in seed funding from Google Ventures, and individual angels.

Information provide by Associated Press, CB Insight, Crunchbase, Forbes, Market Watch, Reuters, and other sources.  Please check company website for best information.

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