It is officially a personal website! Still has disclosures!

Investor Network by JD

IMPORTANT: JD Morris and staff are focusing and only responding to co-investors (accredited investor with PROOF of Funds (POF)).

You can join JD Morris via his personal LinkedIn profile  or his groups on LinkedIn.  They are as follows:

  1. URL for JD Morris profile on LinkedIn:

2. URL for Investor Network by JD on LinkedIn:

Again, JD & his staff are only networking with people that can co-invest or provide referrals to such co-investors that are accredited or similar to accredited investors.  All these sources must show proof of funds (POF) via our PROOF program.  These are accredited investors, family offices, venture capital funds, private equity funds,  fund of funds, and other sources of verifiable capital with greater than $5 million in proof of funds (POF).

Please see the SEC for definition of accredited investor or better consult you accountants, lawyers, and other advisors.

Happy Networking and Investing,

JDM & Team

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