New Funds last 45 days

Fund NameAnnounced DateNumber of Investors
ACV Capital III LP2020-10-12
SAIF Partners India VII2020-10-07
Salesforce Impact Fund II2020-10-06
Plexus Fund V2020-10-06
Wingman Ventures Fund II2020-10-06
Catalio Nexus II2020-10-06
Greycroft Growth III2020-10-06
Fund I2020-10-06
Kibo Ventures Fund III2020-10-06
White Star Capital Digital Asset Fund2020-10-06
Ayala Corporation Fund II2020-10-02
Bullpen Fund V2020-10-01
Linear Venture fund IV2020-10-01
Nordic Capital Fund X2020-10-01
Fund II, Bunch Incubator Fund2020-10-01
Silversmith Capital Partners Fund III2020-09-29
Lasalle China Logistics Fund2020-09-28
CLSA Capital Partners Japan Fund IV2020-09-24
BB Pureos Bioventures LP2020-09-23
Stonehenge Capital Fund Kentucky IV, LLC2020-09-23
Point Nine Capital V2020-09-22
Panlin Capital Flagship Fund2020-09-21
Kindred Capital II2020-09-21
Questa Capital Partners II2020-09-17
Ardian Expansion Fund V2020-09-16
Mantis Venture Fund2020-09-16
Isomer Capital II2020-09-161
Atlassian Ventures Fund2020-09-16
Endeavor Catalyst III2020-09-16
Fund II2020-09-15
Team8 FinTech Partners I2020-09-15
Greylock Fund XVI2020-09-15
Conductive Ventures Fund II2020-09-14
Serve Capital Fund III2020-09-11
Praetura EIS 2020 Fund2020-09-10
Dawn IV2020-09-09
Benford Capital Partners Fund I2020-09-09
Water Innovation Impact Fund2020-09-094
Do Ventures Fund I2020-09-083
GI Partners Data Infrastructure Fund2020-09-08
Brightspark Canadian Opportunities Fund2020-09-086
Superhero Venture Fund 20202020-09-08
XP Ventures Fund2020-09-07
TEEC Angel Fund IV, LP2020-09-07
S2G Ventures III2020-09-04
Xfund 32020-09-03
3one4 Capital Fund III2020-09-02
Claris Biotech I2020-09-022
Solar Energy Transformation Fund (SET)2020-09-025
AMTD Fund2020-09-01
Opportunity Fund I2020-09-01
Owl Ventures IV2020-09-01
NFC Life Settlements II2020-09-01
Iterative Indie Game fund2020-09-01
Fund I, Value Capital Fund 12020-09-01
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BETA: The Capitalization Report – Funds v20.02.04

KEYWORDS FOR FUND REPORT: Bregal Sagemount, RTP Global, Anthemis, BV Investment Partners, Innovestor, Fith Wall, Mainsail Partners, Speedinvest, M33 Growth

  • Vertica Capital Partners, a NYC-based private equity firm, closed its $205m maiden fund
  • Bregal Sagemount, a NYC-based growth-focused private equity firm, closed its Bregal Sagemount Fund III, at $1.5 billion
  • RTP Global, a global venture capital firm focused on early-stage technology investments, is launching a $650M fund to back tech startups
  • Anthemis, a London, UK and NYC-based venture platform dedicated to investing in the change in financial services, held the first close of its $90m latest discretionary fund
  • BV Investment Partners, a Boston, MA-based middle-market private equity firm, closed BV Investment Partners Fund X, at $1.1 billion
  • Innovestor, a Helsinki, Finland-based venture capital firm, held the first close of its new B2B Industrial Technology Fund, at €30M
  • Fifth Wall, a Los Angeles, CA-based venture capital firm focused on innovation for the global real estate industry, closed its $100m Retail Fund
  • Mainsail Partners, a San Francisco, CA-based growth equity firm that invests exclusively in bootstrapped software companies, closed $531 million for its fifth fund
  • Speedinvest, a pan-European early-stage venture capital firm, closed its third institutional fund, at €190m
  • M33 Growth, a Boston, MA-based venture and growth stage investment firm, closed its second fund, at $260m
  • Kong Capital, an Austin, TX-based real estate private equity firm, raised $4m

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BETA – The Capitalization Report v19.50

Toronto Intercontential


We will be speaking next week at the #1 Family Office Event in FL.  JD Morris (kinda sound like few people speaking in 3rd person) had a great meeting in California, Minnesota, and Canada, with advisors and family members of billionaire families. Also, great meeting with a gentleman farmer (horses) form Texas this week already and it is only Tuesday!

The Capitalisation Report will go from Beta to launch in 2020!  More than 10,000 people look at our information daily and we look forward to commercial launch.

KEYWORDS: Autotech Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Parthenon Capital, The Silicon Slopes Computer Science Fund, Perceptive Advisors, May River Capital, SignalFire, Peregrine Ventures, Centana Growth Partners, Plexo Capital, Crescendo Venture Partners, Kaiser Permanente Ventures, Revelstoke Capital Partners, United Ventures, Novacap, Loyal Valley Capital, Dyal Capital Partners, Harlem Capital, Two Sigma, JD Morris, The Capitalization Report,


  • Volvo Group Venture Capital has invested in Autotech Ventures, an American venture capital fund focusing on startups in the ground transportation sector
  • Sequoia Capital, a Menlo Park, California-based venture capital firm, raised nearly 3.4 billion for two funds investing in later-stage U.S. companies, and venture and growth investments in China
  • Parthenon Capital, a growth-oriented private equity firm with offices in Boston, San Francisco, and Austin, announced that its affiliate, Parthenon Investors VI, LP, held its first and final closing with more than $2.0 billion in commitments
  • The Silicon Slopes Computer Science Fund launches with initial contributions and pledges of $4m
  • Perceptive Advisors, a New York, NY-based investment management firm focused in life sciences, closed its inaugural venture capital fund, the Perceptive Xontogeny Venture Fund, LP, at $210m
  • May River Capital, a Chicago, IL-based private equity investment firm, closed its sophomore fund, May River Capital Fund II, LP, at $300m in limited partner subscriptions
  • San Francisco, CA-based venture capital firm SignalFire raised a new pair of funds totaling $500M aimed at seed stage and early growth stage enterprise and consumer startups
  • Peregrine Ventures, an Israeli med-tech venture capital firm, closed its fourth fund, Peregrine 4, at $115m
  • Centana Growth Partners, a Palo Alto and New York-based specialized growth equity firm focused on the future of financial services, closed its second fund, Centana Growth Partners II, L.P., at $375m
  • Plexo Capital, a San Francisco, CA-based venture capital firm investing both in emerging VC funds and in early-stage companies around the world, closed on a $42.5m fund
  • Crescendo Venture Partners, a Tel-Aviv, Israel-based venture capital firm, is launching its new VC fund planned to raise $80 million-$100 million
  • Kaiser Permanente Ventures, the Oakland, Calif.-based venture capital arm of Kaiser Permanente, closed its fifth investment fund, at $141m
  • Revelstoke Capital Partners, a Denver, CO-based private equity firm focused on investing in healthcare services companies, completed fundraising for Revelstoke Capital Partners Fund II, L.P., and Revelstoke Single Asset Fund I, L.P., totaling $1.4 billion
  • United Ventures, a Milan, Italy-based venture capital firm, closed its second fund, at €120M
  • Novacap, one of Canada’s leading private equity firms, has launched a financial services fund with its first closing at C$260m
  • Loyal Valley Capital closed its second US dollar-denominated fund, Loyal Valley Capital Advantage Fund II LP, at $465m
  • Dyal Capital Partners, a division of Neuberger Berman, a private, independent, employee-owned investment manager, closed Dyal Capital Partners IV with over $9.0 billion of committed capital
  • Harlem Capital, an NYC-based diversity-focused venture capital firm, closed Harlem Capital Partners Venture Fund I, LP, at $40.3m
  • NYC-based investment firm Two Sigma closed Sightway Capital I, LP, a private investment fund which focuses on building companies in financial services and real assets, at $1.2 billion


Access to top deals by funds such as  Sequoia Capital, NEA, Kleiner Perkins, and others for accredited investors with $100,000 USD to invest in deals through a broker-dealer based in the US or other countries.  Come to cool places and meet cool people that co-invest!  Canada this week and putting on the Ritz on FL next week on an amazing Island!


NOVI, Mich., Dec. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Stoneridge, Inc. (NYSE: SRI) has announced an investment in a fund managed by Autotech Ventures (“Autotech”), a venture capital firm focused on ground transportation technology located in Menlo Park, California. The $10 million total investment, which will be contributed over the expected 10-year life of the fund, is expected to provide the Company with increased visibility to early-stage companies.


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RHC REPORT Highlights New VC Funds

Look to our Red Hook Capital’s RHC Report to learn about new VC funds.

Here is a list of recently funded venture capital funds.  You can learn more from JD Morris .

Funds Closed in October as of October 18, 2019

Fund Name Announced Date
TBA by Red Hook Capital TBA
TBA by Avalon Capital Group TBA
TBA by Investor Network TBA
BC Partners European Real Estate I 10/18/2019
Sofinnova Capital IX 10/17/2019
RiverGlade Capital Fund 10/17/2019
Idinvest Digital Fund III 10/17/2019
Cascade Angels Fund VI 10/17/2019
Nicecactus Grassroots Esports Fund 10/17/2019
PRG Multifamily Fund I 10/17/2019
Feelsgood 10/17/2019
Jane VC Fund II 10/17/2019
Insignia Ventures Partners Fund II 10/16/2019
Partners Group Private Equity II 10/16/2019
Gallant Capital Partners I 10/16/2019
Charter Hall Prime Industrial Fund 10/16/2019
STV Fund II 10/16/2019
Sunstone Partners II 10/16/2019
KPS Capital Fund V 10/16/2019
Goldcrest Farm Trust Fund II 10/15/2019
Veritas Capital Fund VII 10/15/2019
Clean Energy Venture Fund 10/15/2019
Mackenzie International Dividend Fund 10/15/2019
Craft II 10/15/2019
Whitehorse Liquidity Partners III 10/15/2019
Craft Ventures Fund II 10/15/2019
Small Business Innovation Research Fund 10/15/2019
DWS European Direct Lending fund 10/14/2019
Jackson Square Ventures III 10/14/2019
Thayer Ventures Fund III 10/14/2019
Lakala Payment Fintech Fund 10/14/2019
Genesis Growth Equity Fund I 10/14/2019
Fund II 10/14/2019
Hiro Capital I 10/13/2019
Natural Capital Fund I 10/13/2019
Updata Partners VI 10/11/2019
Crown Asia-Pacific Private Equity IV 10/11/2019
Day One Ventures Fund I 10/11/2019
Fund I 10/11/2019
Trust Ventures Fund II 10/11/2019
Opportunity Fund 10/11/2019
Seed Fund 10/11/2019
Accel India VI Fund 10/11/2019
Farol Fund II 10/10/2019
Inventus-III 10/10/2019
The Ferment Fund 10/9/2019
Telstra Ventures Fund II Sidecar 10/9/2019
Edelweiss Special Opportunities Fund (ESOF) III 10/9/2019
Buyout Fund II 10/9/2019
Conexo Ventures I 10/9/2019
BVP Dollar Fund 10/9/2019
EFKO Group Foodtech Venture Fund 10/9/2019
Sverica Capital Partners V 10/8/2019
GRO Fund II 10/8/2019
Blantyre Capital Fund I 10/8/2019
Cortina Capital Fund I 10/8/2019
40 North Ventures VC Fund 10/8/2019
The landmark fund 10/8/2019
One Equity Partners VII 10/8/2019
KKR Special Situations Fund III 10/8/2019
Madison Dearborn Capital Partners VIII 10/7/2019
83North Fund V 10/7/2019
Escalate Capital IV 10/7/2019
Brooklyn Bridge Ventures Fund III 10/7/2019
Healthcare Fund 10/7/2019
IGI Investimenti VI 10/7/2019
Accelmed Fund II 10/7/2019
Tailwater Capital Fund IV 10/7/2019
Amplify Capital II 10/7/2019
Petronas VC Fund 10/6/2019
Centrum Credit Opportunities Fund 10/6/2019
Achmea Innovation Fund 10/6/2019
FoF PE Italia 10/6/2019
Siparex Intermezzo 2 10/6/2019
Fund I 10/4/2019
Vistria Fund III, LP 10/4/2019
Better Ventures Fund III 10/4/2019
Fund III 10/4/2019
Partners Group Global Income Fund 10/4/2019
The Open Road Impact Fund 10/4/2019
Notional Capital IV 10/3/2019
ONEVC Fund I 10/3/2019
Platinum Equity Capital Partners V 10/3/2019
Palm Drive Capital III 10/3/2019
Varanium NexGen Fund 10/3/2019
LimeVest Healthcare Fund I 10/3/2019
BaltCap Private Equity Fund III 10/3/2019
INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund 10/2/2019
HKW Capital Partners V 10/2/2019
Kimmeridge Energy Fund V 10/2/2019
super{set} Fund I 10/2/2019
Jump Capital VC Fund 10/2/2019
Qualcomm Venture India fund 10/2/2019
Gelt VC Fund II 10/2/2019
Winslow Growth Capital Fund II 10/1/2019
Radian Capital Partners II 10/1/2019
Grand Ventures Fund I, L.P. 10/1/2019
Fund II 10/1/2019
Valor Ventures Fund 2 10/1/2019
Amalfi Capital Fund I 10/1/2019
INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund 10/1/2019
ACTIAM Financial Inclusion Fund 10/1/2019
Startup Funding Club SEIS Fund 10/1/2019

DISCLAIMER: All deal information for our Pipeline Reports are provided by 3rd party websites such as Associated Press, Bloomberg, Business Wire, Crunchbase, Forbes, Fortune, Reuters, Wall Street Journal (WSJ), and other sources. We advise that you check with the company website for a press release or other direct sources that are in our reports as we use third-party resources for our information.

Investor Network by JD

20180914 IN Pipeline with focus on VC funds

Venture Capital funds are still raising small funds vs. the mega funds  (i.e Billion dollar Softbank Vision Fund)!  Our Senior Executive Advisors have their own small funds (really just family office money of theirs) as well as investing in a few ( We had 125% return on a Draper fund in 45 days during the internet bubble.

DISCLAIMER: This information is provided by AP, Bloomberg, Forbes, Fortune, preqin, Reuters, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Wall Street Journal (WSJ), and other 3rd party sources. Please check with the company website as this a  beta blog.


  • Seven Peaks Ventures, a Bend, Oregon-based early-stage venture capital firm, closed its second fund, at $28m

  • Raise Ventures, a Paris, France-based venture capital firm, held the first close of its first fund, at €60m

  • Golden Gate Ventures, a Southeast Asian venture capital firm, raised its 3rd fund, at US$100M

  • State Farm, a Bloomington, Illinois-based insurer of cars and homes in the U.S., has launched a $100M venture capital initiative

  • Cibolo Energy Management, LLC, a Houston, TX-based energy focused, private equity firm providing growth-oriented credit solutions to middle market upstream and midstream companies, closed Cibolo Energy Partners I, L.P., at $245m

  • Ribbit Capital to raise $420M fifth fintech fund


State Farm, a Bloomington, Illinois-based insurer of cars and homes in the U.S., has launched a $100M venture capital initiative.

Newly formed State Farm Ventures will focus on investing in startups developing technologies and products in order to fulfill customer needs in innovative ways. Led by Michael Remmes, Innovation Executive, the arm will focus on several key areas, with the goal of providing new and innovative products and solutions to customers.

State Farm and its affiliates provide auto and home insurance in the United States. Via nearly 19,000 agents and approximately 65,000 employees, the companies serve approximately 83 million policies and accounts – approximately 81 million auto, fire, life, health and commercial policies and approximately 2 million bank accounts.

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