REPORT: RHC Pipeline Report = 8 new funds this week

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  • XFactor Ventures, a NYC-based venture capital firm focused on investing in companies with at least one female founder, launched its second fund, with $8.6m in capital commitments

  • Santé Ventures, an Austin, Texas-based healthcare and life sciences investment firm, closed its third fund, at $250m

  • Global agrifood investment firm Finistere Ventures, venture investor OurCrowd, Israeli food manufacturer Tnuva, and Israeli beverage company Tempo Beverages created a consortium to invest $100M in Israeli agrifood startups

The pipeline report profiles total of 8 new funds.

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PWC/CB Insight MoneyTree Report 4q2018

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Amid falling deal activity, US companies still raised a record-number of mega-rounds in 2018, with 184 $100M+ funding rounds. There was also a record number of new unicorns this year as 53 US VC-backed companies saw their valuation rise to over $1B.


North America saw a record number of private companies hit $1B valuations in Q4’18, at 21 companies.

moneytree unicorn

REPOST – IND Pipeline 20190107

REPOST: IND Pipeline 20190107


Boom Supersonic, a Denver-based aerospace startup, raised $100 million in Series B funding. Investors included Sunstone Management and Y Combinator Continuity.  Press release:


  • StructionSite Inc., an Oakland, CA-based provider of intelligent construction management software, raised its $1.5M seed round of financing

  • Grabango, a Berkeley, Calif.-based provider of enterprise class, checkout-free technology for existing stores, raised $12m in Series A financing

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Repost – Tech Exits and more great info from CB Insight

The $1B Rounds of 2018

tech exits

Today, we’re taking a look at kingmaker rounds in 2018, mega-deals, warehouse automation, and more, including:

  • 11 mega-deals to round out the year
  • All the $1B+ kingmaker fundings in 2018
  • Tech exits hit record levels last year
  • Plus 11 mega deals that happened at end of the year ($100 million plus)
    • Bakkt
    • Boom Supersonic
    • CarDekho
    • Hello TransTec
    • Niantic
    • SpaceX
    • Samsara Networks
    • Tangent Technologies

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12 Days of Christmas day 10 = throw spaghetti on the wall so you can leap with joy! I am testing just Video and .JPG via Blog (i.e. A/B testing)!

Bottom Line: Throw spaghetti on the wall (or you know what) can works if you have a target or goal! Try it!

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IN on DECK – 12 Days of Christmas (Reblog LinkedIN)


Today I kick off networking every day with my best friends and preferred clients! To be safe I using January 5, 2017 as the deadline from 12 Days of Christmas vs. January 1st!


“Say Provocative statements that intelligent people argue about fast without dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s. As life is all about fun and results!” – JD Morris


  • Calling & video texting past great clients and past great friends;
  • Video emailing past clients;
  • Praying for the $10 million EBITDA referral (you can help)!
  • Checking my past InMail for other great contacts (lot good referrals that did not meet $5 million EBITDA requirement).
  • Praying people like video as it took me years to break clients into using Webinar vs. conference call!

NOTE: Video text and video emailing! Video text is simple as you just a text short video from your phone. I am using an app on my phone called Bomb Bomb for the e-mail! Still am a very crappy writer/email and like the video only option!


If Warren Buffett Had Checked Voicemail Would Lehman Have Survived? Lehman Brothers should have called, texted, faxed, and tried every door & window to get hold of Buffett!

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