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“You never know until you know” – JD Morris (or unknow idiom)! The future is the future and “you ever know until you try and succeed.”  I have had the honor of learning lot about Uber current and future plans (meetings investors and using our proprietary research system).  The guys are doing things really smart.  However, during last holidays I saw tons of white trucks delivering gifts to my house as well as throughout the year.  Did Amazon lockup the delivery systems or will Uber getting into the business change the playing field?

Well you never know until you know!  All those white trucks are not owned by Amazon, but outsourced.  Will Uber team with Amazon to allow you to get everything fast.  Will Amazon out source everything and just be a portal?  Again, we will never know until two things:

  1. Understand how they are building the distribution system of the future (I did not know they did not own the white trucks (more to come about investment opportunity).
  2. Understand the future of logistics (their will be lots of failures and winners)
  3. Bottom Line “you never know until somebody tries and success happens” as who new Uber be making Yellow Cab SF file for BK!


Again we doing things differently as it a BETA Blog and here is our disclaimer: We  “Say Provocative statements that intelligent people argue about fast without dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s. As life is all about fun and results!” – JD Morris  (i.e. no spell check just raw data and writing placed in this BETA blog that has no staff).


As always CB Insights dominates the possible options for Cool .JPG

CB Warehouse.jpg


You never know until you know!  I will be researching this space and might even try to buy few unmanned vehicles for test driving!  However, who would know taxis companies would have allowed Uber to stay in business and who knows when UAV or unmanned land vehicles will change the landscape.


JD Morris

JD Morris


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Sorry today is just raw data on deals that closed.  Was looking over all the deals that close this month and wanted to provide a deal dump.  If your thinking of investing with private equity or venture capital fund, call us for half day strategy session to provide executives that are experts in  your area of interest.

We are going to give you some fun red meat in few days! As our motto is still “Say Provocative statements that intelligent people argue about fast without dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s. As life is all about fun and results!” – JD Morris


Dashbot, a San Francisco provider of analytics software for bots, raised $2 million in seed funding. ff Venture Capital led the round, and was joined by Bessemer Venture Partners, Samsung Accelerator, Scrum Ventures, Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, and Rembrandt Ventures.

Dream Payments, a Toronto provider of mobile point-of-sale software and hardware for Canadian merchants, raised $1.5 million in funding from Connecticut Innovations.

Exeger Sweden AB, a Stockholm developer of dye-sensitized solar cells, raised €5.2 ($5.5 million) from Fortum, a Finnish energy company.

Fidzup, a Paris provider of digital marketing tools for retailers, raised $3.7 million in funding from Cap Horn and Turenne Capital, among others.

Geenee, an image recognizing app that allows users to shop Instagram, raised $4.4 million in Series A funding. Investors included Highlight Communications AG, Constantin Media AG, Stephen Cohen and Steve Titus

Glossier, a New York City online beauty startup, raised $24 million in Series B funding. IVP led the round.

Grokker, a San Jose, Calif. online service for fitness, yoga, meditation, and cooking videos, raised an undisclosed amount in Series B round funding. Investors include SV Angel, First Round Capital, Khosla Ventures, Aspect Ventures, Interwest Partners, Comcast, and Correlation Ventures.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, a company building a prototype of Elon Musk’s hyperloop system, raised $31.8 million in funding, according to TechCrunch.

LogicGate, a Chicago provider of software for businesses to automate risk and compliance operations, raised $1.9 million in funding from Chicago Ventures, OCA Ventures, Hyde Park Venture Partners, MATH Venture Partners, Techstars Ventures, Firestarter Fund, Sandalphon Capital,and Connetic Ventures.

Lumos Global, an Amsterdam off-grid solar firm, raised $90 million in funding from Overseas Private Investment Corporation, Pembani Remgro Infrastructure Fund, VLTCM and ICV.

SQZ Biotechnologies, a Boston biotech company using cell therapy to treat diseases, raised $4 million in funding from Quark Ventures.

Happy Investing and Networking,

JD Morris

JD Morris


IN – Data dump day

No need to cross my t’s or dot my i’s this is an easy data dump!  Here data from Pitchbook and NVCA! URL to see them:



If you are planning on doing a road show, you should speak with your team of Senior Executive Advisors.  Come get away in sunny Southern California or the brain trust of the world found at the National Press Club in DC (you pick the location and we will bring the brain trust to you)!  However, I can tell you magic happen in SoCal!

Happy Networking and Investing,

JD Morris

JD Morris

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IN Weekend – purpose and passion (let us argue purpose)

Break through is all about pushing out information that is of interest and intelligent people argue about the information!  In the end the ball moves forward we hope -JD

If found cool study by PWC and hope you setup 30 minute or 2 day strategy session.

Here is the info:


  • More than a buzzword – nine out of 10 CEOs tell us they have a clearly stated and defined purpose, which helps to shape their strategies, culture and deliver success in difficult and uncertain times.
  • Performance and purpose entwine – CEOs attribute purpose to the top line, but that’s only part of the puzzle. Purpose helps them engage and inspire employees, build brand and customer loyalty and attract new business partners.
  • Purpose as an organising framework and roadmap for corporate strategy – Organisations that have successfully implemented their purpose do not have a purpose; they are their purpose. Purpose can join up all parts of a business – think strategy, talent, risk and governance and stakeholder relationships – still for many organisations this is yet to be part of their DNA and disciplines.
  • It’s hard to succeed at purpose – Embedding purpose and values can be difficult. Short-term business pressures, size, legacy and complexity can all get in the way, but for those that have succeeded, these factors become assets, not liabilities.
  • Ingredients for success – Leaders as purpose ambassadors, preparing for impact, hiring for purpose, authenticity, and making purposeful strategic decisions are five necessary factors to help organisations succeed at purpose.

We can argue about this graph!

  • purpose



IN Deck – The Long Blog Post

I have moved to short posting on LinkedIn and when I have time post here.  The beta blog is more of what I call a “Brain Dump” and it is a “BETA” blog.

Here is where the short blog is posted:


QUOTE #1: If you have EBITDA it will be an amazing adventure, and if your are positioned for amazing growth we will help find that amazing adventure! – JD

What is on Deck at Investor Network by JD (Brain Trust with 40+ advisors)

1) Getting a PPM on amazing new credit card technology (family that invented the strip on credit card has a lives amazing life here in San Diego and hope this is another game changer);

2) EBITDA compay that import woods (might be a fit for another consolidation play);

3) EBITDA mobile reseller (hard to sell, but their is debt and some investors for this space);

4) GoToWebinar like company with EBITDA

We have a brain trust of amazing advisers (working on cool buzz word) to help you with deals. I am re-using an old video today and also below is fun .JPG with another JD buzz word!