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“How to Lie with Statistics that #9,863 in ALL Books on Amazon is a must and funny read! I am sure they have been number one in their category than any of the books I had at number one (for 30 – 180 minutes),” say JD Morris.

Sadly I am not David Morin at #31 with 57 investments, but for the month of April David Morris (aka JD) invested with friends and family in several deals in April (TBA).  Our friends and family have $5 million plus of dry powder for funds to early-stage deals.  Between 2 pm and 5 pm April 1, 2019, we most likely did the most investing in 2019 = we can create our own list with Crunchbase’s help!


“Know when to spin, know when to pivot, and know when to fold!” – JD Morris

“firstrate team with a second-rate idea will always outperform a second-rate team with a first-rate idea.”  –  Brian Cohen,  What Every Angel Investor Wants You to Know: An Insider Reveals How to Get Smart Funding for Your Billion Dollar Idea


According to data from Crunchbase below are 50 angels ranked by the number of investments made.

1) Fabrice Grinda (245 investments)

2) Paul Buchheit (135 investments)

3) Wei Guo (129 investments)

4) Alexis Ohanian (126 investments)

5) Scott Banister (126 investments)

6) Naval Ravikant (121 investments)

7) Daniel Curran (114 investments)

8) Marc Benioff (113 investments)

9) Mark Cuban (110 investments)

10) Simon Murdoch (99 investments)

11) Ron Conway (89 investments)

12) Esther Dyson (86 investments)

13) Kevin Moore (85 investments)

14) David Tisch (83 investments)

15) Dave McClure (79 investments)

16) Semil Shah (74 investments)

17) Max Levchin (72 investments)

18) Jason Calacanis (72 investments)

19) Benjamin Ling (70 investments)

20) Brendan Wallace (67 investments)

21) Tim Draper (66 investments)

22) James Sowers (65 investments)

23) Auren Hoffman (65 investments)

24) Lee Linden (64 investments)

25) Joanne Wilson (63 investments)

26) Farzad Nazem (60 investments)

27) Joshua Schachter (59 investments)

28) Garry Tan (59 investments)

29) Rajan Anandan (57 investments)

30) Xavier Niel (57 investments)

31) Dave Morin (57 investments)

32) Jose Marin (57 investments)

33) Reid Hoffman (55 investments)

34) Keith Rabois (55 investments)

35) Will Herman (55 investments)

36) Scott Belsky (53 investments)

37) Rick Marini (53 investments)

38) Charlie Songhurst (52 investments)

39) Hesham Zreik (52 investments)

40) Bashar Hamood (52 investments)

41) Brad Harrison (51 investments)

42) Gary Vaynerchuk (50 investments)

43) Clark Landry (50 investments)

44) Wayne Chang (50 investments)

45) Dharmesh Shah (50 investments)

46) Mitchell Kapor (50 investments)

47) Ullas Naik (48 investments)

48) Raymond Tonsing (48 investments)

49) Kevin Mahaffey (48 investments)

50) Elad Gil (45 investments)


We all know that venture capital can be a tricky beast. Best exits and timelines are not always concrete when funding happens. Some of the biggest startups with multi-billion dollar valuations have kept raising money in new rounds, without selling or going public. Those may prove to be some of the best investments in the long term. Yet, it is important for entrepreneurs to know which potential partners have had real success in exits.

Here are the five angel investors, in order of the number of exits:

  1. Fabrice Grinda (48 exits)
  2. Ron Conway (48 exits)
  3. Naval Ravikant (38 exits)
  4. Paul Buchheit (37 exits)
  5. David Tisch (35 exits)

Ron Conway and Reid Hoffman also have an over 50% exit rate versus the number of investments they’ve made.

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DISCLAIMER: This is a beta blog and all deal information is provided by AP, Bloomberg, Crunchbase, Forbes, Fortune, Reuters, VentureBeat, Wall Street Journal (WSJ), and other 3rd party sources. Please check with the company website for a press release. We do not update our posting or check the source of the news.

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JD Morris

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JD Morris

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JD Morris

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