Robotic Process Automation Update 11/27/2020

DescriptionRobotic Process Automation (RPA) is the practice whereby an algorithm or computer software performs actions usually carried out by a human in order to complete rule-based tasks. It differs from traditional software by working at the user interface level, replicating the exact actions a human user would take, enabling companies with tools to create their own software robots to automate any business process.


Total of 145 Companies with 216 investors investing $8.82 billion USD. 2020 growth metrics saw increase of 4.08% YoY while capital invested decreased 26.47% Yoy. 2020 numbers showed 51 deals for total of $1.1 billion capital invested with 1.7 yeas average time between deals. These numbers were provide by PitchBook as well as the following chart.

Author: JDM

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