New Funds last 45 days

Fund NameAnnounced DateNumber of Investors
ACV Capital III LP2020-10-12
SAIF Partners India VII2020-10-07
Salesforce Impact Fund II2020-10-06
Plexus Fund V2020-10-06
Wingman Ventures Fund II2020-10-06
Catalio Nexus II2020-10-06
Greycroft Growth III2020-10-06
Fund I2020-10-06
Kibo Ventures Fund III2020-10-06
White Star Capital Digital Asset Fund2020-10-06
Ayala Corporation Fund II2020-10-02
Bullpen Fund V2020-10-01
Linear Venture fund IV2020-10-01
Nordic Capital Fund X2020-10-01
Fund II, Bunch Incubator Fund2020-10-01
Silversmith Capital Partners Fund III2020-09-29
Lasalle China Logistics Fund2020-09-28
CLSA Capital Partners Japan Fund IV2020-09-24
BB Pureos Bioventures LP2020-09-23
Stonehenge Capital Fund Kentucky IV, LLC2020-09-23
Point Nine Capital V2020-09-22
Panlin Capital Flagship Fund2020-09-21
Kindred Capital II2020-09-21
Questa Capital Partners II2020-09-17
Ardian Expansion Fund V2020-09-16
Mantis Venture Fund2020-09-16
Isomer Capital II2020-09-161
Atlassian Ventures Fund2020-09-16
Endeavor Catalyst III2020-09-16
Fund II2020-09-15
Team8 FinTech Partners I2020-09-15
Greylock Fund XVI2020-09-15
Conductive Ventures Fund II2020-09-14
Serve Capital Fund III2020-09-11
Praetura EIS 2020 Fund2020-09-10
Dawn IV2020-09-09
Benford Capital Partners Fund I2020-09-09
Water Innovation Impact Fund2020-09-094
Do Ventures Fund I2020-09-083
GI Partners Data Infrastructure Fund2020-09-08
Brightspark Canadian Opportunities Fund2020-09-086
Superhero Venture Fund 20202020-09-08
XP Ventures Fund2020-09-07
TEEC Angel Fund IV, LP2020-09-07
S2G Ventures III2020-09-04
Xfund 32020-09-03
3one4 Capital Fund III2020-09-02
Claris Biotech I2020-09-022
Solar Energy Transformation Fund (SET)2020-09-025
AMTD Fund2020-09-01
Opportunity Fund I2020-09-01
Owl Ventures IV2020-09-01
NFC Life Settlements II2020-09-01
Iterative Indie Game fund2020-09-01
Fund I, Value Capital Fund 12020-09-01
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Author: JDM

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