50+ Deals that closed in January by Angel, Venture Capital, Private Equity, and other investors!

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15Five http://wp.me/pdtXq-cU
360incentive.com http://wp.me/pdtXq-cU
Adometry Inc. http://wp.me/pdtXq-eh
AppDynamics Inc http://wp.me/pdtXq-ep
Apperian Inc http://wp.me/pdtXq-ep
AppNexus http://wp.me/pdtXq-eC
Atlas Powered LLC http://wp.me/pdtXq-eh
Ayasdi http://wp.me/pdtXq-cU
Bluebox http://wp.me/pdtXq-eC
BuildingIQ Inc http://wp.me/pdtXq-eh
BuyBox http://wp.me/pdtXq-eh
Ceterix Orthopaedics Inc http://wp.me/pdtXq-eh
CircuitHub http://wp.me/pdtXq-eC
Electricite de France SA. http://wp.me/pdtXq-cU
Emerging Threats http://wp.me/pdtXq-eh
Extole http://wp.me/pdtXq-eC
Fixmo http://wp.me/pdtXq-eh
Front Flip http://wp.me/pdtXq-eC
Fusion Coolant Systems http://wp.me/pdtXq-cU
Goal Zero http://wp.me/pdtXq-eC
HMV http://wp.me/pdtXq-cU
Iconicfuture http://wp.me/pdtXq-eh
iPinYou http://wp.me/pdtXq-eh
Kaneq Bioscience Ltd http://wp.me/pdtXq-eh
Kareo Inc http://wp.me/pdtXq-eh
KnowRe http://wp.me/pdtXq-eC
Leyden Energy Inc http://wp.me/pdtXq-eC
Linsalata Capital Partners http://wp.me/pdtXq-cU
LoopIt http://wp.me/pdtXq-cU
Manhattan Labs http://wp.me/pdtXq-ep
OLO http://wp.me/pdtXq-eC
OnApp http://wp.me/pdtXq-cU
Optimal http://wp.me/pdtXq-eh
Parallels http://wp.me/pdtXq-eh
ParkMe http://wp.me/pdtXq-eC
PayNearMe http://wp.me/pdtXq-eh
PICS Auditing LLC http://wp.me/pdtXq-cU
Prosper http://wp.me/pdtXq-ep
Puppet Labs http://wp.me/pdtXq-ep
Radius http://wp.me/pdtXq-eh
Recondo Technology http://wp.me/pdtXq-eC
ReliOn http://wp.me/pdtXq-eC
Simply Measured http://wp.me/pdtXq-ep
Solegear Bioplastics Inc. http://wp.me/pdtXq-eC
Syapse http://wp.me/pdtXq-eh
Symform http://wp.me/pdtXq-cU
The Pritzker http://wp.me/pdtXq-cU
Tradeshift http://wp.me/pdtXq-eC
True Office http://wp.me/pdtXq-eC
Versartis Inc http://wp.me/pdtXq-cU
Wercker http://wp.me/pdtXq-eC
WizIQ http://wp.me/pdtXq-eC
Zettaset http://wp.me/pdtXq-cU



Deal from January short link: http://wp.me/pdtXq-cU

Deals from January short link: http://wp.me/pdtXq-eC

Deals from January short link: http://wp.me/pdtXq-eh

Deals from January short link: http://wp.me/pdtXq-ep



Information is provide from Associated Press, CBinsights, Forbes, Google News, Reuters, TheDeal Pipeline, Venture Beat, and other third parties sources.  Readers need to check for accurate at companies own website or press release.

Author: JDM

Learn more about JDM Biography on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jdmorris

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